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What's the current series about?

Trust issues? You're not alone. Today's world provides countless reasons to doubt the honesty, reliability, and consistency of so many people and things around us. So often there's a "but..."

It's probably an issue we wrestle with personally as well if we're honest. And, let's face it, Christians are not exempt from scrutiny. Sometimes what people say the believe doesn't match how their lives are actually lived out. If we truly want to live meaningful, hope-filled, abundant lives, it is worth some evaluation on our part to examine how we're doing.

Come be part of a journey every Sunday for 7 weeks using the Craig Groeschel book, The Christian Atheist, as a starting point to dig into God's Word and wrestle with truths we need to face to become authentic followers of Jesus.

We're inviting you to join us because your story matters too; you don't have to go through things on your own. Whether you're here in person or jumping in online it's easy to stay connected, and that first step you take to join us in the journey just might be the one which helps carry you forward to a deeper, fuller, more engaged life.


  • Journey bundles will be available for personal and small group use. We'll also make it super easy for you to join a small group!  

  • Study guides and small group material for the week will be released each Sunday.
  • Click. HERE for the weekly reading schedule.
  • Interactive age-appropriate activities for your kids and students on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

You are welcome to come and see, learn some things you might never have been taught before and evaluate ideas that just might change your life forever. Invite someone to come with you! Riverside is a safe place to do life with other people who can help & encourage you, and to learn more about what it looks like to walk in faith. Join us Sundays for uplifting music and practical teaching you can really understand and apply to your life, we're saving a seat just for you!

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