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What's the current series about?

So just Who is this Jesus?

Whether you have been a Jesus follower for years, are just starting out in your walk of faith, or maybe even still investigating it all, our winter series will provide new insight into who Jesus is, the misrepresentations and distortions that followed His ministry, and how embracing His real teachings can provide transformation and freedom in every area of your life.  Messages will dive into what it looks like to be a Jesus-following husband or wife, parenting, and work dynamics as well as what it looks like to create healthy relationships in your life.

You are welcome to come and see, learn some things you might never have been taught before and evaluate ideas that just might change your life forever. Invite someone to come with you! Riverside is a safe place to do life with other people who can help & encourage you, and to learn more about what it looks like to walk in faith. Join us Sundays for uplifting music and practical teaching you can really understand and apply to your life, we're saving a seat just for you!

  • 8:45am
  • 10:30am
  • 12:05pm
  • 9:00am
  • 10:45am
  • Coming 2024!
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