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    The Road Less Traveled

    Love Jesus' Word

    Tom LundeenJune 20, 2021

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    Love Jesus' Word

    Pastor Tom Lundeen


    …Jesus has told us that every human being (including ) that we’re all on a road trip, so to speak; but the road we choose to   on will make all the difference in this life and eternity (note Matthew 7:13-14).


    So what does the road less traveled Jesus talks about here ?

    Note John 8:30-32; 1:1, 14


    1. Nothing  Compares to the Scriptures

    A. …In it’s .

    B. It’s the single most published book in the world – first book ever

    C. In its .

    D. In it’s effect on people – no book has impacted more people, more nations, and  than the Bible.


    2. Why Jesus Wants Us to Love His Word

    A. Because He knows we need truth to  our lives – throughout human history, truth has often been elusive, obscured, , and ignored…People insist on truth until it  their wants/desires/choices.  Note John 14:6I tell you the truth… ( times just in Matthew…)

    B. Because whatever I accept as an  in my life impacts everything – my attitude about the authority of Jesus’ words makes an enormous difference on how I read the Scriptures, why I read it, and what  I make after I read it (note Matthew 15:3). What we accept as our life authority matters profoundly, because there are so many loud voices in this world  for our devotion.


    Am I on the road less traveled?: 


    • Clearly the Bible is absolutely unique, it has been recorded faithfully, and  accurately.
    • It’s the most textually accurate  book in the world and it’s historically reliable.
    • But none of this matters if we don’t respond to it properly, because the Bible was intended to  a response (note John 20:31).
    • The Bible is God’s  to open a door of faith for you and me.
    • …if you’re here today and say you believe the Bible and even call it God’s Word, but you’re not reading it and letting God use it to  your life, you’re missing the whole point… (note John 20:31).


    Read the Bible

    One of the best ways to grow in your faith is to spend time in God's Word. We have some tools available to help @ MYRC.CHURCH/READTHEBIBLE


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