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Hurry Up, Jesus!

Your Story Really Matters

Tom LundeenFebruary 7, 2021Finances

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Hurry Up, Jesus!

Pastor Tom Lundeen


Have you ever wished that Jesus would  in your life?

What did Jesus have to say to ordinary people like ?

What did He do in people’s lives?


Jairus was making a  call (note Luke 8:40-46).

What does this encounter that Jairus and his family had with Jesus reveal to us when we want God to hurry up in our lives and not be  from our needs and concerns?


1. Our  are not the Only  


When we have a pressing problem and an overwhelming need in our lives, we tend to get

I’m sure that Jairus didn’t care who in that crowd was , lonely, trapped by sin, lost, hurting, or confused.

Everyone else’s needs would’ve appeared to be minor, , and unimportant.


Note Mark 5:26; Luke 8:43-48

…no matter how great our  or problem seems to us, God is also working in other people’s lives…at the same time (sometimes in more  ways than in our lives!).


2. Jesus is Never  (note Luke 8:49)


One of the worst emotional scenarios we can create for ourselves is the, …speculation.

This scenario only produces anger, guilt, frustration, and  replaying events that cannot be redone.

If God is truly God, then His  isn’t just a possible option for our lives, it is the very best option.


3. Jesus has the  Word


In this moment of despair and hopelessness, Jesus spoke words of comfort and  (note Luke 8:50).

Note Luke 8:51-53


  • …fear, , or laughter didn’t have the final word.
  •  didn’t have the final word.
  • Jesus had the final word (note Luke 8:54).
  • When Jesus speaks, heaven and earth
  • …sorrow and fear listen…
  • …even  must listen (note Luke 8:55a).
  • Our personal circumstances don’t have the final word…
  • …our  and difficulties don’t have the final word…
  • …our pain and fears don’t have the final word.


Your story really does matter to Jesus: 


  • Today let God replace any  in our hearts over His more visible work in someone else’s life…with joyous celebration.
  • Let God  us that He is not late in our personal situations (even if it looks like it is).
  • Let God encourage and strengthen us today with the  that He has the final word in our lives and circumstances.


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