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The Road Less Traveled

Tom LundeenJune 27, 2021State of the Church Messages

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Jesus told us we're all on a road trip, so to speak; but the road we choose to travel on will make all the difference in this life and eternity. See how Riverside Church on its 90th birthday is reaching more lost people than ever before.

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Pastor Tom Lundeen


The average life span of a church in MN is about  years old.

Note Luke 19:10 and John 3:16


Since % of evangelical churches (and higher % of mainline churches) are either  or declining, God has without a doubt helped Riverside thee past nearly 18 years be on a road less traveled.


…Jesus has told us that  human being (including you and me) that we’re all on a road trip, so to speak; but the road we choose to travel on will make all the  in this life and eternity (note Matthew 7:13-14).

Note John 15:8, 16


1. What is the  Jesus Talks About in John 15?


Fruit/Fruitful used  times in the New Testament… of 66 times in New Testament used ...


A. Fruit of  (note Matthew 13:23).

B. Fruit of  (note John 4:35-36) – in John 15:8, Jesus is talking to His disciples who had already  to Jesus as Lord.  Note John 15:1; Matthew 4:19; John 15:16; Matthew 28:19a.  The road less traveled Jesus tells us to travel on has reaching lost people as a primary mile marker (note Proverbs 11:30).


2. Why is Something So Clear…


…so hard to find among do many churches and so many Jesus followers?



The problem isn’t a lack of  or information.

The problem is…that the  inclination of any organization is to become inward-focused.

This was true for Jesus  disciples (note Luke 9:46; Acts 1:6).


Being outward-focused isn’t our  setting…but being outward-focused is God’s  setting, and He can establish this perspective and passion in our  by His Spirit (note the change from Acts 1:6 to Acts 2:41).


Am I on the road less traveled?: 


  • When God started this church 90 years ago, He made sure to  this DNA of outward-focus into Riverside’s foundation.
  • …on our 90th birthday, Riverside is reaching more lost people than ever before…and there are  lost people to reach than ever before…
  • Lost people matter to God; He wants them found. And they need to matter .


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