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More Than Swine Flu

Your Story Really Matters

Tom LundeenMarch 28, 2021

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Passage: Luke 8:26-39

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More Than Swine Flu

Pastor Tom Lundeen


What did Jesus have to say to ordinary people like ?

What did He do in people’s lives?


It’s no coincidence that right after Jesus calmed the storm (something that was humanly , note Luke 8:22-25) that Jesus stepped ashore and was confronted with a human being that also seemed  (note Luke 8:27-29).


1. Human Beings are in a  Spiritual State


   A.  The Gadarene demoniac – although our external condition may not ever  anything close to this…our spiritual state  from Jesus has many similarities to this man.


 All of these terms (and others) paint a picture of spiritual desperation for any person  from Jesus.


B. The  of this area (note Luke 8:30-37) – Human beings apart from a  relationship with Jesus are in a desperate spiritual state…and yet can still reject the One who can meet their deepest needs and make life .


2. Jesus Dramatically  People


Note Luke 8:27-29, 35b

The  of any human being is the greatest miracle God performs (note Colossians 1:13-14; 2 Corinthians 5:17).


3. Jesus Transforms Us to  


Note Luke 8:38

Jesus sent him away not as a punishment, but for a  (note Luke 8:39a).


Note Luke 8:39b

You know what I . You see what I .  made the difference.

Jesus changes our lives, makes us part of His Body, gives us spiritual gifts, and  us to serve and minister in His Name (note Philippians 1:4-6; Ephesians 2:10).



Your story really does matter to Jesus: 


  • Jesus is still  people around the world every moment of every day.
  • He  our lives…
  • …and He transforms us for a
  • Who will you invite to Come and sit with me…Come and watch with me…this Easter weekend?


Tell someone about the next step you took today in your spiritual journey! Let us know, too, and fill out our connect card (digital or in person). 


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