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Nic at Night

Your Story Really Matters

Tom LundeenJanuary 24, 2021

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Passage: John 3:1-16

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Nic at Night

Pastor Tom Lundeen


What did  have to say to ordinary people like you and me?

What did  do in people’s lives?


Why did Jesus talk about the need to be born again (born from …re-birth); and what does it actually mean to be  and have a new birth?


1. Why Do We Need a New ?


Jesus gave a spiritual  lesson to a very significant and distinguished individual (note John 3:1).

Jesus referred to him as Israel’s teacher…  Teacher of Israel.


Note John 3:2,3

What was Nicodemus hoping to ?

The key is knowing  to get the latest word from God and from .


Nicodemus discovered (and we can, too) that Jesus is the right  in our search for truth and for God.

Instead of congratulating him for his religious performance, Jesus told him that his religious pursuits were .

Note John 3:4


Note John 3:5-8

Born of  = purified, cleansing, repentance.

Born of  = rebirth, regeneration.


Note Isaiah 64:6b

We don’t need a self-improvement program, a self-help , or a set of rules/rituals.

We need the spiritual transformation Jesus offers us a .


2. How Can We  the New Birth?


Note John 3:9-15

Nicodemus had to understand that his religious background, training, and practices didn’t make him a  person.

Note Numbers 21 (especially vs. 8).


Your story really does matter to Jesus: 


Jesus :


  • …pays the  for our sin.
  • …can give us a new beginning.
  • …can   our lives.
  • …gives the gift of eternal life.
  • …can give us a new birth and a new .
  • Note John 3:16
  • God’s love is so great for us that Jesus paid for our sins on the cross, and freely offers us the greatest gift of all,  .
  • We can experience the new birth Jesus spoke of.


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