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Party Crasher

Your Story Really Matters

Tom LundeenFebruary 21, 2021

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Party Crasher

Pastor Tom Lundeen


What did Jesus have to say to ordinary people like you ?

What did He do in people’s lives?


Note Luke 7:36-38

The conversation that unfolds (in a way Simon never anticipated) shows us how different can look in people’s lives depending on their self-awareness.



1. A Person Who Does Not Realize How Much They Need Forgiveness…


A.  Has a  spirit (note Luke 7:39) – this meal Jesus was invited to wasn’t a  dinner.  Instead of telling this woman to leave…Simon saw an opportunity to make Jesus look …A person who is or becomes unaware of their own spiritual  can be in the presence of Jesus and yet fail to understand the reality of His love and forgiveness.  A judgmental attitude and sense of superiority towards others commonly affects people who don’t appreciate how  their own need of forgiveness is. 


B.  spiritual truth - …nothing is hidden from Jesus (note Luke 7:40-47).  A person who has forgotten or is unaware of how much they need forgiveness is often  to the spiritual truth that they need to understand and accept.



 2. A Person Who Does Realize How Much They Need Forgiveness…


A. Is courageously  (note Luke 7:37-38) – This woman…needed a  to go to Jesus as the stares and whispers of the guests and spectators rained down upon her.


B. Is genuinely  (note Luke 7:38) – her  indicate that Jesus had turned this woman from her sinful life.


C. Is overflowing with  (note Luke 7:44-46) – when a person knows they need forgiveness and then experiences that forgiveness, their life becomes a  thank you note to Jesus.


D. Is committed to  – a person who knows they need forgiveness and then experiences that forgiveness sees service and ministry as a joyous opportunity, not as an  duty or obligation.


Your story really does matter to Jesus: 


  • This woman was  by Jesus’ love and forgiveness, which she received by faith (note Luke 7:50).
  • Faith was the foundation of her new life, but love was the evidence of her forgiveness (note Luke 7:47).
  • When it comes to our lives, actions, and attitudes, what  is there that we know and have experienced Jesus’ love and forgiveness?
  • Our  for Jesus is the evidence of how much we know, depend on, and appreciate Jesus’ forgiveness.
  • What do our lives show?


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