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Your Story Really Matters

Tom LundeenJanuary 17, 2021

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Passage: John 18:28-35

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Pastor Tom Lundeen


What did Jesus have to say to ordinary  like you and me?

What did He do in  lives?


In 2021 we live in a society and world dominated by post- thinking:

Objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to  and personal belief…the repeated assertion of talking points to which factual rebuttals are .


Note John 18:38a

Jesus’ encounter with Pilate shows what happens when post- is embraced:


1. No  Standards


Note John 18:28-35

If there is no absolute truth in life to stand on, then it will be impossible to make decisions and  judgments on nearly anything.


2.  Compromise



Note John 18:36-39; 18:40-19:3; 19:4-12a

Pilate was willing to  the truth of Jesus’ innocence for what he perceived to the path of least resistance.

Compromise encourages us to turn a blind eye to what is true and the results can be .


3. Self-Centered


Pilate had the  truth in the universe staring him in the face, answering his questions, and challenging his pre-conceived notions and assumptions (note John 14:6).


Note John 19:19-22

Note Matthew 27:19

Note John 19:12-16 and Mark 15:15


The only truth that mattered to Pilate was that he was the Roman Governor of Israel and anything that  his position and future needed to be dealt with decisively.

His selfish passions far  his commitment to any kind of truth.


Your story really does matter to Jesus: 


  • When the reality of absolute truth is doubted, ignored, or rejected, objective standards of right and wrong are subtly discarded, compromise becomes an  form, and self-interest and selfish passions  all decisions and actions.
  • What is truth? is a question Pilate asked but he wasn’t really interested in the answer, even though the  was standing right in front of his face.
  • The result was that Pilate has been forever identified as a  opportunist and political hack who had no convictions other than his own security and advancement.
  • Are we personally committed to the absolute truth of God’s
  • …and to the Person and  of Jesus…
  • …or are we finding ourselves laying aside objective standards of right and wrong…?
  • Note John 18:37d


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