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The Tax Man

Your Story Really Matters

Tom LundeenJanuary 3, 2021

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The Tax Man

Pastor Tom Lundeen


What did Jesus have to  to ordinary people like you and me?

What did He  in people’s lives?

Jesus’ connection with  shows us that:


1. No One is  to Jesus 

Tax collectors were especially  in ancient Israel in Jesus’ day.

They were considered the ultimate  for they were involved in scandals and in the oppression of their own people.

Despite these realities, Jesus didn’t  or condemn.


Note Luke 5:27

Jesus is not put off by our past, our , our actions and activities.


 2. Jesus  Lives 

Living apart from God’s principles is never  satisfying.

At best, sin only provides the temporary  of happiness.

Note Luke 5:28


His actions demonstrated the genuine  of his commitment.

To follow Jesus would  Levi enormously.

But his commitment to Jesus wasn’t  (note Luke 5:29).


A  man will not wish to go to heaven alone (Ryle).

Note Luke 5:30


 3.  Needs Jesus Christ (note Luke 5:30 and 18:9


  • In response to the  question the religious leaders asked Jesus’ disciples (note Luke 5:30), Jesus proclaimed a profound truth (note Luke 5:31-32).
  • Jesus wasn’t implying that the religious leaders were the …but that a person must recognize himself as spiritually  (i.e., a sinner) before they can be spiritually healed.
  • We are all spiritually sick and have all  for sin.


Your story really does matter to Jesus: 


  • Jesus  connection with Levi tells us beyond the shadow of doubt that none of us are off-limits to Jesus.
  • And today, Jesus is ready to meet you, too.
  • Luke 5:27b, NLT - Follow me and be my ,” Jesus said to him.


Tell someone about the next step you took today in your spiritual journey! Let us know, too, and fill out our connect card (digital or in person). 




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