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Christmas at Riverside

Hopes and Fears

Tom LundeenDecember 5, 2021Christmas Messages

Passage: Luke 2:8-10

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Hopes and Fears

Pastor Tom Lundeen


O Little Town of Bethlehem

The last 2 lines, however, tell us more about why what happened in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago matters just as much, and maybe  at the end of 2021.


The hopes and fears of all the  

Are met in Thee tonight.


1.  or Fears?


As you look honestly at your own life and heart and mind, what has been more real, , and dominant, hopes or fears?

Note Luke 2:8-10

So what is this ?


2. Walking in the  


Note Isaiah 9:2

We certainly got the  part down.

So where does the  come from?


Note Matthew 2 and Luke 2:9

Darkness produces .

Light brings .


3. And There are More Reasons for Hope (note Isaiah 9:6)


A. Wonderful  – Jesus has the answers to the questions (both personal and cultural) that seem to  or discourage us because our attempts to answer them fall short.


B. Mighty  – Jesus not only has the answers we need, He also has the power and ability to give us the help and  we need.


C.  Father – He knows us,  and all, and still loves us…


D. Prince of  (note John 14:27)


E. The  will rest on His shoulders – what this means is that Jesus can bear the full weight of the world and all it’s  (Pritchard). Too many of us are , full of anxiety, and bearing a weight we were not created to carry. We act as if we are the  of the universe…Christmas reminds you and me that we’re not in . God is God and .


Christmas matters because:


  • Christmas reminds us God is God and we’re not. He can arrange for a virgin to become pregnant.  He can cause a Roman emperor to order a  at precisely the right moment in history.  He can ensure the baby will be born at exactly the place prophesied  years earlier.  He can put a star in the sky at the right moment.  He can bring together angels, shepherds, and Wise Men to celebrate that miraculous birth.  And He can take a tiny baby born in a stable and make that baby the  of the world. (Pritchard)
  • The light of Jesus that started shining from a manger still shines today in our .
  • He’s just waiting for your letter of resignation as general manager of the universe, or just  universe. 

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