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The First DoorDash

You Got This

Tom LundeenJanuary 2, 2022

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Passage: 1 Kings 16:29-33

We're going to learn what it means to stand for God and His truth and embrace His mission when everyone around us is standing for anything and everything else but God and His truth.

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The First DoorDash

Pastor Tom Lundeen


Note 1 Kings 16:29-33

We’re going to learn what it means to stand for God and His truth and  His mission when everyone and everything around us is standing for  and everything else but God and His truth.


1. Who is ?


He’s one of the most  and unusual individuals in the Bible (note 1 Kings 17:1a).

He’s the only one of two people the Bible tells us did not .

 = The Lord is my God


He only bowed his knee to the only true and living God when that type of commitment and devotion was  to the vast majority of his contemporaries.

  • His life and ministry were so significant that only , Abraham, and David are mentioned more in the New Testament than Elijah.
  • Both  and John the Baptist were identified and compared to Elijah (note Luke 1:17; Matthew 16:14).
  • The last book of the Old Testament tells us Elijah will return again (note Malachi 4:5-6).
  • When Jesus was , it was Moses and Elijah who were talking to Jesus (note Matthew 17:3).
  • Interestingly, of the  times Elijah is mentioned in the New Testament, only once are his words quoted…

 Note James 5:17a

For all that’s amazing about Elijah’s life and ministry in a hostile culture that had rejected God and His truth, Elijah was just a  human being just like us.


2. Elijah—You Got This


Elijah... who actually has power and authority and is the King (note 1 Kings 17:1).

This is pretty  for basically a total unknown telling the most powerful person in the land that he really didn’t have power that matters.


Note 2 Kings 1:7-8

Right out of the gate, Elijah establishes the actual  that had been ignored by his nation way too long.


3. God—You Got This


Note 1 Kings 17:2-6

God’s got this:

  1. By protecting and  for Elijah—the Lord set up the first DoorDash system that didn’t need AI, but instead only needed AR ().
  2. By showing people how much they need —when God tells Elijah to leave Israel and then provides for him, it was in one sense  of the fact that God and His presence and blessings were also gone from Israel, and they could experience life trusting in themselves and other gods…


So who’s got this in your life?:


  • Don’t miss the  that while God’s chosen people who had abandoned His truth and His purposes were going to experience drought and famine, God’s prophet Elijah who trusts and follows the Lord is sustained and provided for.
  • This  that the word of God was not dependent on the people, but the people were dependent on the word of God. (Vannoy)

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