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What's the current series about?

The new year inevitably brings with it resolve to begin well. To tackle a project, idea, or goal on our list, and stick with it this time. Maybe....? Past experiences can encourage us, but other times they can be a reminder of our failures...of those things we wanted to improve or accomplish that didn't go well.  How do we make 2022 different?

Often the first step is truth. Being honest with ourselves, and then figuring out what it takes to stand up strong. Especially in a world full of misinformation which can seem destined to rob you of hope (and maybe your resources too.) Unfortunately, this is not a new thing; our society has been filled with opportunistic people for a long time. But we can learn how to conquer obstacles like these; our series in the new year brings you both truth and hope as we explore the life of Old Testament character, Elijah. His encounters cover many challenges that look a lot like ours today:

*Lies    *Angry people    *Depression    *Evil Leaders     *Poverty

But his is also a story of victory, demonstrating time and again that nothing is too big for God! 
A narration of :

*Overcoming   *The power of prayer   *The rewards of perseverance    *Needs met    *Miracles!

We're inviting you to be a part of this series because your story matters; you don't have to go through your challenges alone. One of the best ways to stay committed is to stay connected, and Riverside is a safe place to do life with other people who can help & encourage you and to learn more about what it looks like to walk in faith. Join us each week for uplifting music and practical teaching you can really understand and apply to your life, we're saving a seat just for you!

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