Riverside Students (RS) is all about reaching students (and everyone in their lives) to help them become fully-devoted followers of Jesus.

Simply put? It's all about relationships - which is why our weekly program and special events are designed to help students connect with each other, explore their faith, discover who God actually is and begin to live on purpose, with purpose for a purpose.

Our Wednesday night gathering is where we nurture this through fun games, timely teaching, inspiring music, memorable object lessons, wisdom from the Bible and more. We typically separate High School and Middle School into their own spaces and end the night with grade-based, same-gender "small groups" where they can experience a safe-yet-challenging place to belong and grow with peers and adult leaders.  All of this is meant to create authentic friendships that continue outside of our program, whether encouraging each other throughout the week or taking part in serving together. It's Jesus-centered, outward-focused and always practical.

In doing so we’re helping each other discover and live the best kind of life – the life God made us to live.  Among us you'll hear every kind of story imaginable, including how God is at work in all of our stories. It's why we'd love to hear your story, so join us this week.

Welcome home. Welcome to Riverside Students.

WEDNESDAYS @ 6:30-8:30PM (GRADES 6-12)

Big Lake Campus, Sauk Rapids Campus & RS Online Campus

What's Happening in RS?

Summer calendar
  • August
  • 10: RS: Jen (FUN: Tug-of-War Face-off)
  • 14: Late Night Breakfast & Bible Study (8pm-10pm)
  • 17: RS: Steve (Fun: Campfire & Music)
  • 24 & 28: Late Night Breakfast & Bible Study (8pm-10pm)
  • 27: Summerland Fun Day (St Cloud, 1pm-5pm)
  • 29: RS: Kimmy (FUN: Adam & The Dudes Concert)

summer series: reset
  • Let's be honest - there are so, so many incredible truths that once were breathtaking when we first heard them, but now are so commonplace that we overlook how special they are. These are the very things that can save us from all the incredible brokenness and pain around us in the world, if only we'd reset with God and how He's inviting (and daring) us to live. We're going to spend all summer choosing to reset in these core areas - from the ways we connect with others to how we invest into our own relationship with God.... all so we can claim the fresh start God makes available to us! 

If you have chosen to say YES to Jesus Christ for the very first time, we want to celebrate with you! Tell us about it by clicking below.

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