Serving at Riverside Church is a part of the Big3. Serving is also a way of living out Riverside’s core value of Giving of yourself to God and to others. This next step could not be any easier to take...all you have to do is try it by doing a first serve!

What's a first serve, you ask?

Just what it sounds like - you try serving on a team, just once, for the first time. We will touch base to see how your experience was, if it's a good fit, great!

Why serve?

When friendships can develop, growth happens, and finding that 'sweet spot,' that place God has especially designed you to serve, you'll soon see why your serving matters.

Start Here

Not quite the right fit?

That's okay - we'll try something else instead! There are many teams to serve on at Riverside; together we'll find a place which works with your schedule, personality, gifts and passions.

God changes people through giving of themselves - both the people serving and those being served.