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The Wrong Turn of Resentment

Road Trip

Tom LundeenJuly 10, 2022

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Passage: Matthew 18:21-22

What happens when your life is driven by resentment and unforgiveness? Learn how important forgiveness is to stay on course for God's best plan for our life.

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The Wrong Turn of Resentment

Pastor Tom Lundeen


The  is that every single driven by something.

Drive = to guide, , direct. 


God's Word tells us...that forgiving others opens our lives to God's .

Note Matthew 18:21-22


1.  About Forgiveness


     A. Forgiveness isn't  someone's actions.

     B. Time heals all wounds - time !

     C. Forgiving others isn't  you're hurt.

     D. Forgiving others doesn't always require personal .

     E. Forgiveness doesn't mean  - forgiveness is is .



2.  Our Need of Forgiveness


It's  people who forgive people.

Note Romans 3:23


Without any fault, God could've righteously rejected us and allowed our sin to forever be a  preventing us from having a relationship with Him.

Note Psalm 103:12; Colossians 2:13-14; 1 John 1:9



3. Realize Unforgiveness has the  Effect


Resentment and unforgiveness always  you more than the person you resent.

Unforgiveness allows others to exert   over us.

The longer we hold onto the pain and hurt, the  the price we pay (note Ephesians 4:26-27, 31-32).


4.  the Other Person


Release =  

Note Matthew 18:23-35

Unforgiveness  God's blessing and forgiveness coming into our own lives.


     A. Forgive .

     B. Forgive .

     C. Forgive  - the catch is there is !

     D. Forgive  (note Romans 12:18).



  • If we decide to not forgive, we  God's best plan for our life, and we actually put ourselves in God's place (note Romans 12:19).
  • Unforgiveness  strong and harsh chains in our lives.
  • When we choose to forgive we  God to come in and heal the hurt.
  • Unforgiveness is like drinking  and waiting for the other person to get sick. 
  •  has nothing to do with the person who has hurt us.
  • It has everything to do with us (note Colossians 3:13).

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