I'm going to make Buffalo my campus!

what’s the latest for the Buffalo Campus!

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Visit the Big Lake Campus on Sunday!

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Bringing the kids? The kids team will be happy to help you get all checked in.

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Big Lake Campus Note…

The Worship Center Venue is also our Broadcast Venue for RC Online. Due to sound recording and capture, we ask that all kids under 1st grade enjoy the RK ministry, or another venue (Family Room/s or Café).

Thank you!

Offering your address will speed up your kids check-in process even more!


Mission Opportunities

  • STRATEGIC intersection at the heart of Wright County (Hwy 55 & 25)
  • GROWING community filled with families to reach and care for.
  • 500+ PEOPLE in this area connected with Riverside Church in the last 12 months.
  • 141 HOUSEHOLDS attending from Buffalo
  • 96 HOUSEHOLDS from Maple Lake, Annandale, Hanover, Delano, South Haven, Montrose, Howard Lake, Rockford, Waverly, Cokato
  • Engage the Riverside Church family in taking Next Steps to further the mission

Property/plan details

  • 33,020 square feet (Big Lake/BL = 52,000; Sauk Rapids/SR = 14,000)
  • Worship Center (WC) seats 485 (BL = 485, SR = 220)
  • Large Foyer/Café for connecting ☕️
  • Fun, engaging environments for kids and students.