RK No Limits

No Limits is for kids in 5th grade (2023-24 school year) who want to learn what being a Christian is really all about. Some 6th graders are accepted, but special permission is required. Priority is given to 5th grade students. Classes cover topics such as:

  • What does it mean to be a Christian?
  • What do we believe about God?
  • Where does the Bible come from?
  • What is sin?
  • Why do people get baptized?

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No Limits Calendar 2024 

Note: All classes are Saturdays and take place from 9am-3pm. Lunch will be provided at all classes.
Graduation Rehearsal: April 20th (9am-noon)
Graduation: April 21st (during Sunday service times)

What is No Limits?

What past KIDs and parents had to say... 

"No Limits provided our son with an opportunity to grow in his faith in a hand on, applicable way. I love that he was surrounded by trusted adults that took the time to get to know him. The homework provided an opportunity for our son to dig into the Bible. Very well rounded, faith growing, fun year."  -No Limits parent

"The was a fun group that allowed my son to grow spiritually with new and old friends."  -No Limits parent

"No Limits takes Sunday mornings to the next level. Opening the hearts and minds of our children to the Lord. The child going in will not be the same one you see coming out."  -No Limits parent

"A phenomenal program where play (fun & laughter), education and Jesus go hand in hand."  -No Limits parent

"It's a great class to teach them the foundation of what it means to be a Christian. They learn so much more than 'Jesus loves you and died for our sin.' The kids have a lot of fun, build relationships, and grow spiritually."  -No Limits parent

"Because I got to show all my friends about God and why everyone should have Him in their life."  -No Limits student

"The one thing that I will never forget about No Limits is the fun we had with learning."  -No Limits student

"I will never forget making new friends and learning new things."  -No Limits student

"That I have done so much wrong (like a lot) and yet He still forgives me and loves me."  -No Limits student

"I will never forget the statements of faith and my friends that I will never forget the memories."  -No Limits student

highlights, baptism, and graduation videos & pictures