Cloe Crawford

Riverside Students Admin

Hey, hey! My name is Cloe Crawford, and if there is one thing you should know about me: I LOVE stories! If you've been attending Riverside Church for a while, you've probably seen me at one point running around the church "helping" by hiding in tech mountain, playing laser tag in Kids Ministries, running up on stage, hanging out with the kids in the nursery or cooking (eating haha) a good meal in the kitchen! Riverside has been my home church for 19 years, since before I could walk. I've served in many different areas over the years... but have to say RS Students was always a favorite!   

My heart is to know people and help them know Jesus! When I am not at the church, I am either reading, at the gym, cooking, going for a walk! I love hiking in summer and skiing in the winter. Overall, I love using this life the Lord has given me 

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