Give: text to give

Like to give through your smart phone?

It's easy to set up an account and use text to give for your gifts to Riverside.

3 Easy Steps to Text to Give

1. Type in the phone number 763-710-2999 in your texting application.

2. In the message area, type in the number associated with the dollar value of the gift you wish to make, and hit send. Follow the prompts to set up your account if you are a new user. It takes about 90 seconds.

3. When prompted, hit "Y" to confirm your transaction.

You're done!

Once you have set up your account you won't need to do it again, so giving a gift in the future is as quick as accessing the phone number, typing in the dollar value of your gift and hitting send. We recommend that you save this number as a contact in your phone for future use.

Your gifts will be noted on the card or from the account you have selected (not charged to your phone bill) and will be recorded on your giving statement for tax purposes.

Thank you for your gifts which support the mission of Riverside Church to reach people and help them experience life change through a personal relationship with Jesus.

Need to Make a Change?

How to update your payment method and manage your account:
1.  Text the word "Update" to 763-710-2999.
2.  Tap the link that is messaged to you
3.  Sign into your account to update your preferred payment method and manage your account.

• If you'd like some extra Text To Give tips, you can text a question mark "?" to 763-710-2999.

Still have questions?

Give us a call at 763.263.2410 or send us an email.