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I Believe in God, But Don't Get Carried Away

Tom LundeenSeptember 22, 2023All Church Spiritual Journey

Passage: Titus 1:16

One of the worst things about lukewarmness is that those afflicted by it are often blind to that reality. How do I believe in God without turning hot or cold...or worse yet, lukewarm?

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I Believe in God, But Don't Get Carried Away


Pastor Tom Lundeen


Gallup poll (2022) = % of Americans expressed some level of belief in God.

81% of Americans  on anything in 2023 is unheard of...

...but we'd all agree that 8 out of 10 people in 2023 aren't  lives that reflect the teachings of Jesus. 


There are huge numbers of people who  some kind of belief in God, but they live their lives as if God doesn't exist. 

Note Titus 1:16


1. Jesus Knows His  

We cannot really understand or interpret any of these 7 letters without knowing the  background of each city. 

Laodicea =  city in Asia Minor. 

3 major industries = , textile manufacturing, and medical school. 


One great weakness = no  (had to  all its water from sister cities).

 wrote this church a letter (note Colossians 4:16).

The church appeared to be strong/stable, but the spiritual reality was that the church was  on the brink of collapse. 



2. Jesus Knows Our  Condition (note Revelation 3:15-16)

 = commonly interpreted as lack of zeal, indifferent, apathetic. 

Does the Bible ever teach us that God wants us to be  and antagonistic anywhere else? 

Water problem = Laodicea got water from Hierapolis (6 miles away,  mineral water) and Colasse (12 miles away,  spring water). 


Like improperly packaged hot or cold water, they were lukewarm =  true service. 

Externally the church seemed fine...but Laodicea's deeds didn't affect/touch anyone. 

Jesus knows our spiritual condition today. 


3. Jesus Knows Our  Spots

One of the worst things about lukewarmness is that those afflicted by it are often  to that reality. 

Note Revelation 3:16-17a

The only good thing in Laodicea was the church's  excellent opinion of itself (and it was a flawed opinion). 


Note Revelation 3:17b =  = wretched ones par excellence. 

Jesus was  the material condition of the city to the spiritual condition of the church...

The world is sleeping in the dark, but the church just can't , 'cause it's asleep in the light. (K. Green)


The church in Laodicea was sleeping in the light, busy doing things of no eternal value,  to a spiritually starving world, and blind to their own critical spiritual condition. 

Lukewarmness is so serious because it affects people  of God's family, as well as people within the church. 


4. Jesus Has the  to Our Needs

Note Revelation 3:14 = Amen = so . Ruler = the .

Just as Jesus took the  of nothingness and created the world, He could also take the chaotic mess in Laodicea and make it new. 


Note Revelation 3:18a and Matthew 6:19-21; Revelation 3:18b, c (Jesus alone gives  spiritual vision).

This harsh rebuke/correction of Jesus  His love (note Revelation 3:19).

It's because God loves us that He  our lukewarmness.


It's an issue of our will (note Revelation 3:20).

Lukewarmness is caused by excluding the  and power of Jesus from our lives, ministries, and churches. 


So are you sure?:

  • As long as we  an open door policy and practice with Jesus, lukewarmness will never be an issue. 
  • Lukewarmness can be an  matter, too (note Revelation 3:20). 
  • Have we heard the gracious knocking of Jesus at our heart's door today? 
  • All that He is and all that He has He offers to us - He offers . 
  • Have you said 'YES!' to Jesus as Lord?
  • Is my life being used to heal spiritually sick people? 
  • Is my life being used to refresh spiritually weary people? 

Tell someone about the next step you took today in your spiritual journey! Let us know, too, and fill out our digital connect card and fully engage in this all-church spiritual journey.