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Passage: Matthew 22:34-40

Allowing the expectations of others to control our lives leads to a dead end road. How do we balance living in a culture that is constantly looking for "likes" and "selfies" while being an authentic Christ-follower? 

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How's My Driving


Pastor Tom Lundeen


The reality is that every single  by something.

 = to guide, control, direct. 


...way too many of us are driven by the  need for approval.


We allow the  of others to control our lives. 

If you follow the wrong crowd/group, you usually get lost in it.

A certain key to fail in life is trying to  everyone. 


When we're  with the approval of others, then:



1. Our Main Life Priority Gets  


Note Matthew 22:34-36

In 2021, "#selfie" was used  times...

"#Jesus" wasn't in the top  hashtags in 2021.


Note Matthew 22:37-38

Loving God (not phileo = friendly affection,  love; but agapao = choosing for the  good of another...).

When we're focused/obsessed with being approved by a life of unreserved love and commitment for God becomes . 


When we're preoccupied with being "liked" and approved of, we have broken priorities and a  focus of what really matters. 

Having others' approval driving and controlling our lives is spiritually .


It's not that we shouldn't try to get along with others or have people like us. 

But having God as our first priority will help us be in a spiritually , more balanced place. 


2. We Become  


Note Matthew 22:39-40

 = one who wears a mask, plays a part. 

Note Matthew 23:5-7, 12, 25-28


...despite our claims to wanting , Millennials were at the forefront of developing the selfie culture, and all other generations have embraced it to various extents, and social media has created for many of us an engine that requires the  of approval to every video, photo, or post that we make. 


Are we  approval and affirmation? (Stone)

Note Galatians 1:10; Proverbs 29:25; Colossians 3:23




  • God wants us to be free from living for the likes of others and trying to manage an image of ourselves, and instead to be able to live because of the  of His love. 
  • Honesty about ourselves frees us from our identity being wrapped up in how many people are following us and is instead found in  we are following. 
  • Jesus loves you; and proved it on the cross. 
  • Let His  drive your life. 

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