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Passage: Matthew 8:24-26

Whether we admit or show it (or sometimes try to hide it), fear is the consistent, unwanted companion of us all. How do we navigate fear so it isn't an all-encompassing force in our lives?

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Pastor Tom Lundeen


The reality is that every driven by something.

 = to guide, control, direct. 

Note Matthew 8:24-26a


Whether we admit it/show it or not, fear is the consistent,  companion of human beings.

What makes fear such a  and all-encompassing force in our lives?


1. Fear Has Long and Numerous


Fear doesn't ; it knows no boundaries of time or place.


The list of fears is  and impacts everyone in some way. 

Fear is so commonplace that it  its way into all parts of life.


Fear... out [our] insides, until [our] resistance and strength are spent and [we] suddenly break down. Fear secretly gnaws and eats away at all the ties that bind a person to God and to others, and when in a time of need that person reaches for those ties and  to them, they break and the individual sinks back into himself or herself, helpless and despairing. (Bonhoeffer)


Fear pollutes our thinking, distorts our judgment,  our resistance to evil, dislodges our love, and casts a gloom over our hearts. (Hoselton)

In the 4 Gospels, the statement Jesus makes more than any other ( times) = Don't be afraid. 


2. Why Jesus  Fear


Note Matthew 8:3-6

Note Matthew 8:13b-16

Note Matthew 8:22-33


No matter what form fear took, or how  the fears appeared to be, fear was no match for Jesus' presence, power, Word, and life. 

Despite this reality, in this same chapter, Jesus' closest friends/followers would be  by fear. 



3. So Why Does Fear Often  Its Way Into Our Lives?


A. It's easier to trust Jesus for other people's  than our own - fear seems less fearful when someone else has to face it . 

B. Fear rarely gives us time to  (note Matthew 8:23-24a).

C. Fear is  when we realize we're not in control (note Matthew 8:24).

D. Fear makes us think God doesn't care/is  (note Matthew 8:24b).

E. We  trust/faith with fear (note Matthew 8:26a) - we don't need  when life is easy, but when life is hard. 



  • So has fear wedged its way into your life and is driving you down one  road after another? 
  • Jesus is  than you think.
  • Note 1 John 4:16, 18a
  • Invite the Prince of Peace and the  of perfect love into your life to bring His peace into your life...

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