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Money No-No's

From Stress to Rest

Tom LundeenFebruary 12, 2023Finances

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Passage: Luke 16:11

Money can dominate our lives and money influences our lives for good or bad. If you don't learn to manage your money, it will manage you.

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Money No-No's


Pastor Tom Lundeen


There are probably fewer topics that have more  and practical implications for our lives, marriages, families, culture, nation, and world than how we handle money and how money handles us.


Money can dominate our lives and money  our lives for good or bad.

If you don't learn to manage your money, it will  you. 



1. What is  Talking About? (note Luke 16:1-13)


Jesus isn't praising .

But He is pointing out that there are always things to learn even from people we may  with!

Note Luke 16:14-15


Jesus wants us to think about money  because so many of us aren't very good at managing it...

God wants you and me to learn to be Biblically  with our money for the rest of our lives. 



2. Don't  Money (note Luke 16:1-2 and 15:13-15)


 we have and are belongs to God. 

We are not owners, we are only  .

Note Deuteronomy 8:18; 10:14; Exodus 19:5; Job 41:11



3. Don't  Money (note Luke 16:13)


The  of the problem is the problem of the heart. 

It's impossible to have  number  priorities.

And loving money...has serious consequences in many areas of life, including  (note 1 Timothy 6:10).



4. Don't  on Money (note Luke 16:3)


Never put your trust in anything that can be  from you.

The only thing that you can never lose is  for you. 

Note Proverbs 23:5



5. Don't Expect Money to Give Your Life


There is no agreed to number in survey after survey about how much money is  (note Ecclesiastes 5:10; Luke 12:15).

Your -worth doesn't equal your -worth.


Your valuables are not your .

My  and  and yours is because God made us; Jesus died and rose again for us; and the Holy Spirit wants to take up residence in us.



From Stre$$ to Rest in 2023: 


  • So what no-no's is God speaking to you about?
  • Money is a  and we're to use it the way God designed it to be used. 
  • When we're  money God's way, we'll have less stress and much more rest.
  • And we'll use money the right way when Jesus has His  place in our lives. 

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